Biometric fingerprint sensor optical BioLite

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Only BioLite is an access control device that guarantees a secure biometric protection and a great convenience.
Using a graphic LCD display and a keyboard, it's easy to enroll or delete users directly from the device without any PC connection. Due to the design outdoor IP 65, BioLite Solo is the ideal solution for access control in a small office, a shop or a home, whether for use indoors and outdoors.
  • Operates completely standalone with no connection to the PC
  • Water resistant and weatherproof (IP65)
  • LCD graphic display and keypad for user interface
  • Integrated relay and switch input for direct lock interface
  • Optional external relay to control security door
  • Compact, slim and sleek
  • Access log
Secure I / O
  • Accessory unit for control of the port and I / O expansion
  • Encrypted communication with BioEntry Plus for added security
  • * 16MHz 8bit Microprocessor
  • * 4 digital inputs and 2 relay outputs
  • * Size: 143 x 82 x 35 mm

Technical Specifications
  • Fingerprint sensor: 500 dpi optical sensor
  • User Capacity: 200 Users (400 fingerprint template)
  • Identification speed: less than 1 second
  • Operating Mode: Fingerprint, PIN, PIN + Fingerprint
  • TTL I / O: 2 inputs for exit switch and door sensor
  • Internal Relay: Deadbolt, electromagnetic lock, door strike, automatic door.
  • Protection: IP65
  • LCD: 128 x 64 pixels, black and white
  • Keyboard: 3x4, 3 navigation keys
  • User interface: multi-color LED and multi-tone buzzer
  • Register capacity: 5,000 events
  • Voltage: 12VDC
  • Size: 60 x 185 x 40mm (LxAxS)