Wireless keyboard for WL31 two-way KP30WL

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1295 Raccolta Punti

Bidirectional wireless keyboard backlit ABS

KP30WL is a keyboard for interiors, fully controlled by a microprocessor, which has 11 indicator lights, 12-key alphanumeric keys and 5 "Function" for direct control, customizable labels for easier and more intuitive choice of the associated command. All these elements of the keyboard are programmable via radio from the control panel.
The reports include alarms, tampering, faults, system status,open inputs and those excluded, maintenance operations and remote management.
The radio range of the keyboard is 300 feet in the air and the communications with the plant using the Reply Technology ®. The keyboard is equipped with protection from opening and removal. In its acquisition of the plant, it is configured with default parameters.
Power is supplied by a pair of lithium batteries 3V. The keyboard will transmit an alarm automatically to battery low. To minimize power consumption, the keyboard has a backlight timer that, through a detector twilight, is automatically excluded when there is enough ambient light.
IP40 IK04
Dimensions (H x W x D): 138 x 106 x 35 mm
KP30WL COD. 80KP3700211