Brass Flush-mounting Micro Contact serie 314 Cooper Safety 1pcs

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Brass magnetic contact with high mechanical resistance for flush mounting. Although it is the smallest magnetic contact available, its operating distance is suitable for most applications, using of rare earth magnets and miniature reeds.
Suitable to be mounted on aluminum, wood and PVC doors and windows and, in general, on all non-ferromagnetic material (iron frames will significantly reduce operating distance). It is mounted with pressure on the frame into a 6 mm diameter hole. 
The reed section contains a tight reed with polyurethane resin and anti-tampering loop to reduce violation risks. Connection uses 4 wires (2 wires for NC contact with near magnet and 2 wires for anti-tampering).
All contacts are certified in compliance to EN50131-2-6 standard.
Mod. 314-CSA

General specifications
  • Housing material: Natural brass
  • Operation: NC when the two components are near
  • Operating temperature: -25°C ÷ +50°C
  • IP degree: Certified IPx2 (declared IP65 by Cooper CSA)
  • V max: 24 Vcc - 24 Vca
  • I max: 100 mA
  • W max: 1 W
  • Identification: Serial number/batch on each component