Hands-free switch Motion Detection 230V 90ORCR213

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A sensor switches an electrical circuit on when detects a movement. Switching off is after detection a next move by sensor.
90ORCR213 is ideal for use in living room, kitchen, bedroom, eg. for iluminating mirrors, wardrobes, etc. 

Application: Internal
Detection method: Motion Detection
Range: 5  ... 6 cm
Main features:
·  Non-contact switching on and off.
·  Switch function.
·  Works with LED lighting.
Power supply: 110  ... 240 V AC / 50  ... 60 Hz
Maximal load: 800 W, 500 VA
Nominal load current: 5 A
"Index of Protection": IP20
Operation temp: -20 °C ... 40 °C
Weight: 0.06 kg
Dimensions: 35  x 78  x 19 mm