IP65 high-security magnetic contact Series 1001N 1pcs

VAT-inclusive price

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Magnetic contact for indoor and outdoor surface mounting with high security standards.
Series 1000 N, thanks to its case with small dimensions ensure ease of installation and durability. Series 1000 N is suitable for security system in a bank (many models are IMQ I or II level certified), shopping centers and public offices; the internal magnetic circuits are designed for having double and triple balancing, for assuring a protection against any type of violation (mechanical, electrical and magnetic). 
All models don’t need any junction box considering the internal terminal connections.
Each model has tamper protection against cap opening and his ‘umbrella’ structure based on micro-switch detects any type of mechanical violation. The fixing nut housing into container is arranged to accept cable or tube gland 16mm and cable till 10mm of diameter (as standard accessory there is a M16 cable gland).
Mod. 1001-N

General specifications
  • Housing material: Annealed metal, epoxy white painting
  • Operation: NC when the two components are near
  • Operating temperature: -25°C ÷ +60°C
  • IP degree: Certified IPx4 (declared IP65 by Cooper CSA)
  • V max: 42,4 Vpeak - 60 Vdc
  • I max: 300 mA
  • W max: 3 W
  • Identification: Serial number/batch on each component