IP65 high-security tearproof magnetic contact Series 1121 CSA

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Magnetic contact for indoor or outdoor mounting with high security level.
Made of solid cast-die aluminum with epoxy white painting, it is equipped with protection against magnetic, electric and mechanical violation. The double-balancing or interlaced-flow magnetic circuits, where all different reeds interlace to the magnetic fields generated by magnet batteries, are unbalanced by the application of an external magnet, triggering consequently the alarm.
All contacts are protected against cap opening on the reed part; the high-security version 1121 also features tear-off protection for the reed part, opening and tear-off protection for the magnet part, and it is provided with a link for remote testing.
All contacts are certified in compliance to EN50131-2-6 standard.
Mod. 1121-CSA

General specifications
  • Housing material: Annealed metal, epoxy white painting
  • Operation: NC when the two components are near
  • Operating temperature: -25°C ÷ +50°C
  • IP degree: Certified IPx2 (declared IP65 by Cooper CSA)
  • V max: 42,4 Vpeak - 60 Vdc
  • I max: 1 A
  • W max: 10 W
  • Identification: Serial number/batch on each component