Dual technology detector ceiling mount DTSPOT

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The DTSPOT is a Dual Technology detector (PIR + MW) from the ceiling with a capacity of 8m diameter (50 sq. mt.) And 360-degree coverage.

The detector offers the advantage of 2 different ways of gathering on two levels of sensitivity, allowing you to choose the most suitable for the site to be protected, thus achieving the best balance between maximum detection capacity and very little possibility of incorrect signals.

The DTSPOT has the mode "BLIND" indicated to prevent sabotage on the lens of the infrared. It also offers a range of functions including Antimask autoset, memory type of alarm and synchronization Microwave.


  • Area of ​​coverage 360 ​​° d = 2 x height
  • Installation height up to 4 meters
  • Antimask autoset
  • Synchronizing microwave
  • Detection mode BLIND - AND
  • Detection sensitivity selectable
  • Memory of alarm type
  • Multi Indicator LEDs
  • Tamper protection
  • Led interactive Off
  • WALK TEST remotely
  • Antiflicker
  • Microwave microstrip pulsed emission
  • Piro Electric Four element
  • Fresnel lens 30 beams on 4 levels
  • 16 selectable EOL resistors

12 Vdc
@ 20 mA Sleep 40 mA Max @
Sensitivity Settings
High / Low / Blind / And
Masking function
Yes, selectable
Function BLIND
Placing the Dip-Switch on BLIND, a possible circumvention, sabotage or block the infrared would be recognized, however, from the microwave and after three detections would result in an alarm.
(H x Ø): 40 x 140 mm.
Operation LED
Green LED (MW), LED yellow (PIR) Red LED (Alarm);
Disabling LED
Yes, with Dip-Switch
Adjusting MW
Yes, with trimmer
RFI Immunity
0.1 / 500 MHz, 3 V / m
Special Functions
Walk Test, Anti-Flicker, Tamper protection
Type of Report
Double and Triple Balance (T-EOL) - Tamper Alarm, Masking
N / C contact (24Vdc @ 100mA) or balanced with 1K resistors, 2k2, 3k3, 4k7, 5k6, 6k8 Ohm
N / C contact (24Vdc @ 50mA) or balanced with 1K resistors, 2k2, 3k3, 4k7, 5k6, 6k8 Ohm
N / C contact (24Vdc @ 50mA) or balanced with resistors 2k2, 8k2, 12k, 15k Ohm
Elements omni-directional 360-degree coverage
Max installation
4 m. (Recommended 2.4 m.)
Coverage plans
Conical area with a diameter of up to 8 m. if installed to 4 m. (Recommended area 7 m.)
Type of Lens
Fresnel lens 30 beams on 4 levels
15.525 GHz


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