Dual Technology Detector Grade 2 Antimask Sniper-W

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The SNIPER-W is a volumetric detector combined with two sensors: infrared dual-element (IRP) - microwave microstrip (uW)
The detector offers the advantage of 2 different ways of gathering on two levels of sensitivity, allowing you to choose the most suitable for the site to be protected, thus achieving the best balance between maximum detection capacity and very little possibility of incorrect signals.
The SNIPER-W is equipped with the mode "BLIND" indicated to prevent sabotage on the lens of the infrared. In addition, the SNIPER-W offers a range of functions including Antimask autoset, memory type of alarm and synchronization Microwave.
  • Antimask autoset
  • Sincronizzazione of Microwave
  • Detection mode BLIND - AND
  • Detection sensitivity selectable
  • Memory type of alarm timer
  • Led OFF interactive
  • WALK TEST remotely
  • Antiflicker
  • Solid state relays
  • Microwave microstrip with pulsed emission
  • Fresnel lens 18 beams on 4 levels with look down zone
  • Sealed optics
  • Total coverage of 90 ° C for 15 m
  • Corner mount, wall, pivot
  • Complete with pivot (v90 ° horizontal adjustment. 30th vert.)
  • EN 50131-1 GRADE 2 CLASS II
  • Complies with CEI 79-2