Dual technology motion detector outdoor tent Antimask FARO EXT

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DOUBLE TECHNOLOGY (uW+PIR) CURTAIN DETECTOR ideal solution for not protected outdoor installation

Venitem presents the new sensor Faro EXT , suitable for installation in outdoor environments , even in the absence of protection from the elements. Thanks to its advanced technology, this sensor is able to ensure a perfect operation even in the presence of difficult climatic conditions .

And with masking , infrared and micro- wave : any attempt at masking is reported immediately . The detector , moreover , can be adjusted for operation in "crossing" (a curtain) or in "approach" (a corridor ) , and has an operating range of 8 meters.
There are other key features such as immunity to small animals ( with accessory dedicated application ) . Faro EXT is also equipped with a dual technology detector ( uw + irp ) a tent and temperature compensation , processing algorithms , in fact , automatically optimize the detection function of the temperature .
The detector , finally, is made of polycarbonate and is waterproof thanks to the presence of seals in the closure profiles . These features make it perfect for work properly in external unprotected .
Faro EXT is the ideal solution for installations of windowsdoors, gates.

Angled fixing bracket supplied.

  • Power supply: 12V + / - 3V
  • Power Max
  • (In memory of all.): 22mA
  • Absorption. Stand-by: 12mA
  • Microwave: 24Ghz
  • TempoAllarme: 3 sec
  • RFI Immunity: EN50130-4
  • Opto Relay ': 100mA / 24V
  • Tamper: 100mA / 30V
  • Wall Tamper: 300mA / 48V
  • Working temperature: - 10 ° C / +55 ° C
  • UmiditaAmbientale: 95%
  • MTBFTeorico: 120,000 HOURS
  • Dimensions: 110x44x42mm
  • Level Performance: EN50131G2 ° CLIV