Triple detector technology 2PIR + MW indoor/outdoor 12m GUARD

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Triple detector technology for outdoor use with 2 PIR sensors + 1 microwave sensor with capacity m 12x12 110 ° viewing angle, anti-shake protection Anti front and side, white.
The motion detector GUARD for indoor and outdoor combines the technology of passive detection of infrared, microwave and infrared active in one device. The two synced infrared sensors produce three-dimensional thermal image of the protected area. The analysis of the reflected signal produced by the microwave adds a fourth dimension and the result has a detector with a high capacity of detection and at the same time reliable and immune to false alarms.
The detector GUARD is also protected against any tampering or vandalism, although the system is disarmed, in the following ways:

- Anti-masking front, with a beam of infrared active present in the vicinity of the detector
- Automatic switching from "AND" in "OR", where the operation of one of the two technologies is counteracted
- Tamper detector using inertial sensor built-in
- Contact tamper traditional

  • Two passive sensors of infrared + microwave sensor 1
  • Active IR Anti-Mask front
  • Tamper with inertial sensor built-in
  • Microprocessor based, sensitivity adjustment PIR, MW and AND-OR operation on anti-masking
  • Pet immunity - GUARD is designed to avoid false alarms caused by small pets
  • Alarm memory function via LEDs on the detector
  • Automatic compensation for temperature
  • Weatherproof and waterproof
  • Vertical adjustment of the flow rate
  • Switching from "AND" in "OR", where the operation of one of the two technologies is counteracted. Selectable by dip-switch
  • Anti-tamper switch cover

Note: In tribute bracket / swivel for wall installation.

Absorption at 12Vdc
40mA (max.)
Microwave Frequency
M detection range
12x12, angle 110 °
Detectable speed
from 0.1 to 5 m / s
Immunity to RF interference
> 20V / m up to 1GHz
Detection Anti-mask
NC relay 0.1A / 24Vdc
Response time to the masking
2 minutes max.
Alarm relay
Changeover contact
0.25A / 50Vc.c.
Contact NC 0.1A / 24Vdc
Operating Temperature
from -35 ° C to +70 ° C
Degree of protection
Bracket Mounted IP33 - IP65 Wall Mounted
Weight g