Digital impulse counter for N.C. CDW8

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Digital impulse counter to the NC contacts of mechanical and electronic CDW8 Code 00509
CDW8 is a module designed to detect and count the pulses a NC contact, mechanical or electronic, is particularly suitable as a discriminator of fast pulses from a switch - Early Warning (contact string).
And 'ideal for eliminating the problem of false alarms caused by accidental actions of active sensors (infrared, etc. ..). Connecting the CDW8 between the sensor and the alarm center, this action only after a certain increase of pulses of the same sensor (presettable from 1 to 8 by means of the selector impusli).
  • Power supply 12 V
  • Optical signaling via LEDs.
  • Compatible with any type and brand of the alarm center
  • Selectable pulse count.
  • Selector switch for reset timer.
  • Dimensions: 60x48x16 mm
  • Weight 30 gr.
Provided with support base in plastic