Time Relay module 1 outputs REL-C/NO/NC Pulsar 90AWZ525

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Time Relay module PC3 - 1 outputs REL-C/NO/NC Pulsar Mod. 90AWZ525
The AWZ-525 allows the extension of the short trigger pulse for the time set by potentiometer. The device can operate in 2 modes: extension of time activated by the pulse or by the triggering signal loss.
The device can be used to extend short control pulses, controlling the operation of bolts, electromagnetic jumpers, bistable control, and also to make the shift in access control projects, depending on the status of the controller, door opening sensor (reed), exit button, etc. 

Number of relay outputs:
Power supply: 10  ... 14 V DC
Current consumption: 25 mA (max)
Relay maximal load: 1 A (max) @ 30 V DC / 50 V AC (max)
Output: 1 x REL-C/NO/NC
Main features:
·  Time settings range
1. Range : 1 s ... 60 s ,
2. Range : 5 s ... 5 minutes
·  LED indication
Operation temp: -10 °C ... 40 °C
Weight: 0.03 kg
Dimensions: 59  x 43  x 22 mm
Manufacturer / Brand: PULSAR