bi-directional GSM interface PicoLink GSM Combivox 11.674

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Picolink is a bi-directional cellular interface and replaces the landline network; if connected to a telephone device (analog PABX, analog telephone, etc.), it allows to make and receive phone calls over the GSM network (not suitable for FSK signals, modem and/or FAX-like).
It can be used both in phone and security systems to connect auto dialers and/or control panels equipped with a PSTN communicator.
Moreover, it can be used for lifts to simulate the telephone line for emergency devices.
The correct functioning of the GSM module and the efficiency of the network are constantly monitored. Credit balance check and SIM card expiration date functions for pre-paid cards (automatic expiration date update at topping up). Through the "Combivox Multicontrol" function it is possible to get information on the GSM parameters (credit balance, signal level and SIM card expiration) at any moment.

Technical Features
12 VDC to 24 VDC
50 mA (standby)
300 with peaks 2A (in GSM transmission)
GSM line
GSM GPRS Dual Band 900/1800 Mhz
Telephone line backup
- Line voltage
- Loop current
25 mA
- Dial tone
425Hz TELECOM / International (continuous)
Line selection
automatic (pulse / tone)
Telephone Numbers
4 for interrogation by sending SMS or ring at no cost
SMS status
poor credit and warning SIM expiry
by sending SMS
Function Multicontrol
by authorized cell response SMS with the residual credit, SIM expiration and GSM signal level
Dimensions (W x H x D)
115 x 295 x 38 mm (including antenna GSM)
painted steel