GSM dialer 3 inputs - 2 outputs CB-64 Combivox 81.102

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GSM dialer 3 inputs - 2 outputs CB-64 Combivox 81.102
CB-64 is a new dialer with n. 3 IN for sending voice messages and text messages, has n. 02 OC outputs, programmable remote control or failure GSM (voice, SMS, phone call at no cost CLIP function).
CB64 can be programmed locally using the keypad and LCD display, in fact thanks to an intuitive menu allows you to simplify the programming operations (telephone numbers, codes, etc..) And consulting (check remaining credit, SIM expiry date, etc.). Moreover The device is designed to be remotely managed by the user through two different ways: via the voice menu and / or SMS.
The user, calling the device and following the voice guide, it is able to know the status of inputs, see the alarm memory, knowing the remaining credit and the expiration date of the SIM, activate the remote controls, program 5 phone numbers and change the Master Code.
Extremely compact: the keyboard is housed within the Electronic card with LCD display with 2 lines and GSM module D / Band; compared to the previous version of the antenna is integrated in the device.

12 V (nom); 11.5V to 13.8V
80/500mA with peaks 2A
Opening and tear
A 20-key alphanumeric
LCD 2 lines x16 characters
3 + block NC, NA and NU
2 OC (100 mA)
Voice messages
3 to 15 seconds. max cad.
SMS Messages
3 100 characters max
256 events by date / time
Remote Management
Through the voice menu, SMS messages and / or CLIP function at zero cost
GSM function
Credit control and maturity SIM
GSM Module
Dual Band 900/1800 MHz
Plastic with holes for wall mounting
138x155x34 mm