GSM sms text alarm diallers wilarm micro - 1 IO + USB cable

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GSM remote control miniaturized, programmable via PC or SMS. E 'with 1 IO programmable as input or output. Can be used for sending alarms. Power supply 9-12 Vdc.
This module features miniature size, is a cheap and effective solution to implement a GSM remote control in a variety of applications, even inside boxes or diamonds already preformed and wired.
Like all forms WiLARM is programmable via software preinstalled in the memory, simply connect the module via a USB cable and launch the application (only compatible with Windows systems). The logic board also monitors power status, so you can use it as a trigger for the alarm or check if the voltage goes out of range programmed getting the alarm.
Is available on the terminal connector can be configured as input or output alarm remote controlled, the latter can be activated via a phone call without answer (function commonly known as "open-gate"). All other communications, including remote programming, are sent and received via SMS.
  • The GSM module realizazzione industrial cheaper
  • 1 input / output multiport
  • Send SMS to 3 numbers
  • Connect to PC via mini-USB port for local programming
  • Local programming with the software preinstalled on the module WiLARM Commander
  • Gate opening function with call identification number (free call)
  • Power supply 9 to 12 VDC
Included USB cable for programming the GSM module!
Cod: 44-01-33

GSM networks supported:
850/900/1800/1900 Mhz
Network access:
SIM card with or without PIN
Multiport IO:
1 (configurable as input or output)
Type of inputs:
OC (configurable NO or NC to ground)
Type of output:
Maximum Load output:
100 mA
Type of relay output:
NC or NO
Power input as an alarm:
Power Control:
minimum and maximum threshold programmable
Power LED out of range:
send alarm
Screw terminals:
VDC + / - VDC (GND) / I1
Optical signals:
LEDs for status and activity GSM
Antenna connector:
Firmware upgradeable:
yes, via USB
Remote programming:
SMS commands:
change password
telephone numbers
input settings
output activation
armed / disarmed
Programmable telephone numbers:
Power supply:
9 to 12 Vdc
Absorption at rest:
30 mA
Absorption in communication phase:
2 A maximum