Self-powered external siren 105dB IP44 Tamper protection LED Rondò L

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Rondò is the sounder that fist joins a top quality with a special attention to safety and easy installation. A simple and innovative hook-up system for inside and outside covers allows the installer a very quick and easy installation. Its comfortable spirit level makes its job more precise and simple. With its original design and colors, Rondò conquests the market and ensures high performances and unique style.
Rondò is a self-powered sounder, with two sounds, two timings, led flashing light, momentary or permanent on/off system signaling, positive or negative control. It is equipped of double tamper anti-opening and anti-removal, microprocessor electronic circuit protected against polarity inversion and tropicalized by resin for an excellent performance even in the most adverse weather conditions.
The base is in ABS, internal cover is in zinc-coated steel painted with polyester painting. The external cover is in ABS, painted with a special painting process able to maintains colors in time.
Rondò: style and comfort for your ambient.
Rondo is certified IMQ - Security Systems and Incert for Belgium.
Conforms to EN 50131-4
Mod. Rondò L

  • Power supply 13,8 Vdc
  • Microprocessor circuit board
  • Standby absorption 15 mA
  • Alarm absorption 1,5 A sound + 60 mA flashing light
  • Frequency: 1704 Hz
  • Sound level: 105 dB (A) at 3 mt
  • Led flashing light - absorption 60 mA
  • Memory of flashing
  • Instant ON-OFF system optical signaling
  • working both with positive or negative input
  • Permanent optical ON-OFF signaling
  • working both with positive or negative input
  • 2 programmable sounds (frequency according to Italian or
  • French requirements)
  • 2 adjustable timings: 4” and 8”
  • Innovative anti-shock and anti-foam system with double technology tropicalised in resin against false alarms. Exclusive patent by Venitem ( Model Rondò LS)
  • Alarm panel: 2 o 3 wires
  • Control programming by disconnecting the positive or negative
  • Double microswitch tamper anti-removal and anti-opening
  • Battery: 12V, 2,1 Ah Pb o 12V 1,2 Ah Pb
  • Protection level IP 44
  • Operating temperature from -25°C to +55°C
  • Dimensions: 310x220x100 mm (HxLxD)
  • Weight 1850 gr
  • IMQ security systems II° level
  • Incert for Benelux
  • Complying to EN 50131-4 standards