Volumetric Motion Sensor Dual Technology AMC MOUSE07

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MOUSE 07 is a digital dual technology detector. It combines a dual element PIR with temperature compensation, and a X band microwave section with broadcast pulse planar cavity.
Thanks to its special algorithm it is able to reach a coverage of 15 m and an angle of 90° , ensuring an outstanding immunity to false alarms. It also allows the installer to choose among different frequency values, enabling the installation of several detectors in the same premise, without any interference.
It is equipped with 2 flow regulators with whom it is possible to set the sensitivity from 3 to 15 m.
The detector can work in three different configurations:
  • AND: alarm is triggered only when detection comes both technologies (maximum false alarm immunity)
  • OR: as soon as one technology detects, the alarm is triggered.
  • OR auto: AND-type operation with check of the consecutive alarm from each technology, and alarm notification also when one of them is switched off (ex. after masking or tampering, etc.)
Mouse 07 is provided with excludible led walk test, alarm memory and separate anti-opening contact.