Complete kit burglar alarm wired with gsm Plus central AMC 178

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1967 Raccolta Punti

The KIT AMCKITC24GSM has been designed and developed to meet the needs of people who want to protect their homes in maximum security, store or business, with a very low cost.
The Kit alarm AMC is composed of:
- 1x Central Alarm 24 inputs PLUS Version with integrated GSM dialer (Cod. C24GSM/PLUS)
Cgsm/Plus is a new generation of remote programming control panels expandable between 8 and 24 zones partitionable up to 4 independent areas, with the possibility of using wireless zones. GSM telephone line for voice calls, text messages and digital protocols. Up to 4 traditional keyboards, touch or with integrated audio support. Up to 4 proximity reader with programming and reports completely independent. 5/8 outputs fully configurable for any function, system clocks and timers extremely precise thanks to the presence of an RTC (real time clock) with integrated BACK UP device. Fully configurable user levels according to the needs of system security, driven arming system, disarming and management of the system to help the end-user in routine operations. Easy programming from keyboard, PC software and LAN option. C24GSM/PLUS is a central compact with intergrated GSM communicator and is designed by highly qualified personnel, adata for residential or small and medium-sized companies.
- 1x Keyboard Remote Control backlit LCD display (Cod. K-LCD VOICE)
The K-LCD is  LCD keypad with low consumption. Work in bidirectional mode with power series R and Bellbox and is powered by battery. Thanks to the expansion EXPR / S can also be used with other systems rows AMC.
Self-powered outdoor siren 1x (Cod. SR135)
The SR135 is a high-powered siren (105 dB at 3m) and is protected against tampering (tamper, anti-tear). E 'equipped with a flashing light 10W and a timer sound and blink detection, adjustable from 1' to 7 ', (in case of an alarm due to prolonged cutting cables).
- 1x Dual-tone piezo siren inside (Cod. PZ2)
Two-tone interior siren piezo sound power 90db. Power supply 12Vdc - Power consumption up to 300 mA
- Volumetric sensors 2x Dual Technology (Cod. Mouse07)
Dual technology sensor with digital frequency 10.5Ghz and closing without interlocking screws. Adjustable flow (3-15m); cover lens 100 °; pyroelectric dual element filter electromagnetic interference; tamper device and look-down. Operation AND / OR and OR automatic. Memory alarm and sensor block.

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