Complete kit with wired burglar alarm central AMC S840KIT

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Kit AMC S840KIT, complete and reliable, born in maximum security to protect your home, shop or business, with a very low cost.
The Alarm Kit AMC "S840KIT" consists of:
- 1x Central S840 with 8 inputs expandable to 40 (Cod. S840)
The S840 is a central microprocessor 8 alarm inputs, expandable to 40. Possibility of direct management Switch Alarms. 6 OC outputs freely programmable, expandable up to 15 modules with EXP-U.S. / S. Up to 16 keypads LCD or LED on the RS485 line and took 8 PR / S transponder or Proximity. 8 independent areas. 8 programs of capacity, 32 user codes, 1 installer code. Possibility of limiting the user (only partitions, only access control). Adjustable 8 1000 events in plants. Weekly programmer. 4 timers that allow you to restrict users to a specific time slot access for certain users. Ability to nominate users and inputs. Integrated digital modem that allows remote management and sending digital messages over telephone lines. Telephone dialing to voice guidance SV / S (optional) and remote issue instructions to the user about the operation that you can perform such as arming, disarming, activating outputs, ect. 10 phone numbers associated with each event. Power supply: 220 V Power Supply 3 Amp Dimensions: L312xA388xP91 mm. S840 is a compact central suitable for residential or small and medium-sized companies.
- 1x Remote Control Keyboard for back-lit LCD display (Code K-LCD)
The K-lcd is a low-power LCD keypad with backlit liquid crystal display 32 characters on two lines - 3 signaling LEDs. Protective door. Colour white with blue LCD. Size: H120xL140xP35mm
- 1x ISIDE wired with battery backup siren and flashing (Cod. ISIDE140)
ISIDE is a siren innovative design, suitable for all installation needs. The elliptical shape allows the fixing in any position, vertical and horizontal, without altering the functionality and form. The flat surface allows for easy customization of the siren and visible. It 'a product made entirely in polycarbonate. ISIDE has functions dislodgement; sound power exploits a piezoelectric technology, ensuring a low consumption during the alarm phase.
- 1x Dual-tone piezo siren inside (Cod. PZ2)
Two-tone interior siren piezo sound power 90db. Power supply 12Vdc - Power consumption up to 300 mA
- 2x passive infrared sensor with snap closure (Cod. SMILE 18)
Passive infrared sensor with interlocking closure without the use of screws. Capacity 15m, 100 ° wide angle lens, dual element pyroelectric. Electromagnetic interference filter; tamper protection and Undercrawl.