LAN Communications Board with WEB server Brahms PXWEB

VAT-inclusive price

3414 Raccolta Punti

LAN Communications Board with WEB server Brahms PXWEB Cod. 64380110
LAN interface with Web Server. Facilitates connection from the control panel to any remote PC that has a web browser. One the PC is online and connected to the control panel via the Web server a control screen can be downloaded consisting of a virtual keypad with the same functions of the in-situ keypad.

  • Power supply voltage: 9 Vdc – 18 Vdc
  • Max power draw: 85 mA
  • Working temperature: 10° / +60°C
  • Relative humidity: 10% - 90% without condensation
  • Dimensions: 73x48x18 mm
  • IP: IP00
  • Environmental Class: II
  • Weight: 50 g