Dual technology volumetric detector indoor Brahms PXDTAM

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Dual technology volumetric detector indoor ANTIMASK Brahms PXDTAM
Volumetric detector with dual technology, made with section passive infrared and microwave section. Operation of the two sections in AND or OR selectable by dip-switch.
Function anti-blinding infrared section (the alarm is generated if you have various surveys only on section microwave and infrared on the section).
Function of Anti section microwave signaled by a special relay output. Reach 15m opening 90 ° with 18 beams on 4 levels.
Adjusting the sensitivity of both sections tamite dip-switch. Ranging section microwave by trimmer. Featuring circuit for alarm memory. TC input for inhibition detector unit disconnected.
Main Features
  • Anti-mask on microwave with dedicated output
  • AB, anti-blinding function sull'infrarosso
  • ECO, turning off the microwave to local busy
  • Selectable sensitivity on two levels
  • Alarm memory timed
  • Enabling remote LED
  • Anti Fluorescent digital processing
  • Opto relays for long life and low power consumption
  • Pulsed microwave emissions
  • Fresnel lens 18 beams on 4 levels with Look Down Zone
  • Coverage 90 ° to 15m
  • Corner mount, wall, pivot (included)

Technical Data
  • Power supply: 12V +/- 3V
  • AssorbimentoMax (inmemoriadiAll.): 34mA
  • Assorb.StandBy: 20mA
  • Microwave: 10.525 GHz 8dBm
  • Alarm time: 3sec
  • Opto Relay ': 100mA / 24V
  • Tamper: 100mA / 30V
  • WallTamper: 300mA / 48V
  • Temperaturalavoro: -10 ° C / + 55 ° C
  • Environmental Humidity: 95%
  • MTBFTeorico: 120.000ORE
  • Dimensions: 107x61,5x44 mm.
  • Compliance with CEI EN50131-2-2 Grade 2 Environmental Class II.