Liquid detector with relay and signalling LED Brahms RLI01

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Liquid detector with relay and signalling LED Brahms RLI01
The unit Detectors liquid has been designed to allow control of environments or where a particular local flooding caused by leaks of liquids, eg. water, it could cause severe damage to the equipment installed.
The unit is simply placed on the floor and connected to a control unit which senses the alarm condition. A water level of 1 mm is sufficient to trip the unit, which light up an LED interior and operates relay exchange to the central indicating the alarm occurred.
Cod. 64400500

Technical Features
  • Material / color: ABS / White
  • Size: 80x80x20mm
  • LED Color: Red
  • Operating temperature: +5 ° C / +50 ° C
  • Supply voltage: 12 V to 27.6 V
  • Minimum current consumption: 5.5 mA +/- 10%
  • Maximum current consumption: 29.5 mA +/- 10%
  • Maximum current per contact: 1 A 28 Vdc / 120 Vac
  • Additional probes can be connected: MAX. 2
  • Section Connection cable between probes: Minimum 2 x 0.25 mm shielded
  • Maximum distance between the probes: 20m