Recessed Black LED keyboard Brahms PXKIN

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Recessed Black LED keyboard  Brahms PXKIN Cod. 64320040
LED keypad Allows the control of three control panel programmed scenarios (programmed partitions, e.g.: "NIGHT" scenario, arm the perimeter, external area, living area). Supplied with a suitable frame for installing with the main domestic installation switch surrounds on a type 503 box. 
The device is a simplified interface for the user functions (code inputting, arming, disarming, etc.) in a burglar alarm system. 
The keyboard features 4 status LEDs (three green and one red), 16 individually back
lit green keys and an internal buzzer for acoustic signals, and it allows the typing of 1,110,000 combinations.

Technical Data
  • Power supply 12 to 15 VDC
  • Absorption 50 mA.
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 66x45x50 mm.
  • Housing material: ABS
  • Regulatory compliance EN 50131-3 GRADE 2 environmental class II.
  • Degree of protection (when properly installed): IP 30
  • Black Colour.