Universal GSM Telephone dialer 2IN dual band Brahms GSM11

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Universal GSM Telephone dialer dual band Brahms GSM11
Integrated GSM dual band (900/1800 MHz) telephone dialler. No SIM. 2 inputs, 10 programmable users. Can send SMS messages, voice messages or both to all registered numbers. 4 outputs. CLIP and DTMF tone functions. Events memory. Default message personalisation Programmable either by SMS or PRGSM programming kit. 3xAA 2.1Ah -1.2V (BB022) batteries.
Cod. 64440060

Technical Data

  • Power 12 V DC.
  • Housing for 3 backup batteries AA 2.1 Ah - 1.2V BB022.
  • Absorption at rest 150 mA, 400 mA in transmission.
  • Operating temperature -5 / + 40 ° C.
  • IP40 protection.
  • Dimensions 260x130x42 mm