868.58Mhz Bi-directional remote control Brahms PXWRC

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Two-way remote control 868.58Mhz Brahms PXWRC
Two-way remote control. Enables control of the system by means of 3 scenarios (programmed partitions, e.g. "NIGHT" scenario - arm the perimeter, external area, living area). Displays the system status information and the scenario activated. Can be used with the ProxinetW radio control panel and with Proxinet36, Proxinet76 and Proxinet192 control panels equipped with a PXWRX receiver connected to bus.
Two-way radio transmission (868 MHz), modulation GFSK. Power supply via no. 1 lithium batter CR2032. Battery life with average use about 2 years. Dimensions 38x76x9 mm. Compliance with applicable laws EN 50131-5-3 Grade 2 environmental class II, EC directive R&TTE 99/05.
Cod. 64340210


Technical Data
  • Frequency: 868.65 MHz
  • Power: Lithium Battery CR2032 / 3V
  • Absorption: 25 mA max
  • Relative Humidity: 25% - 75% non-condensing
  • Battery life: 2 years for 10 operations / day (at 20 ° C)
  • Range: 100 m in free air
  • Two-way radio (868 MHz), modulation GFSK.
  • Size 38x76x9 mm.
  • Regulatory compliance EN 50131-5-3 DEGREE 2 Environmental Class II, R & TTE Directive 99/05 EC.