Central alarm 4 inputs expandable at 20 inputs Came

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Control panel 4 inputs, 4 outputs, expandable to 8 areas: 20 inputs and 40 inputs wire radio.Comunicatore integrated telephone PSTN.

The central 002SCP4060 is the ideal solution for residential systems that require the system greater flexibility and expansion options at any time. 002SCP4060 is the central range of media intrusion detection system Came. Base has 4 wire inputs expandable to 12 using the expansion board with 8 inputs 001SEXP8 to install inside the plant itself. There is a RS485 bus line on which you can connect an expansion module 8 inputs 001SMR8ICI through which you can expand to 20 the total number of inputs wire. On the bus line connecting the expansion module 001SRX128D radio, you can add to the system an additional 40 inputs radio bringing the total number of inputs, wire and radio, at 60.

The center also provides inside, 4 programmable outputs expandable to 20 on the bus line connecting two remote modules of
expansion to 8 outputs 001SMR8O4R. It allows the management of 999 to 999 user codes programmable transponder keys.
The inputs can be grouped into 8 individually programmable areas, where each can handle, outputs, access codes, keypads, and telephone numbers matched to it. It is expected on board PSTN telephone dialer for alarm transmission in digital form, adding the speech engine 001SGV64 or 001SGV256, you can send alarms in vocal form. Using the form 001SIGSM alarms can also be transmitted on the line GSM, SMS or through specific vocal form.

The programming software SWLINK allows you to program all the parameters and to best configure the entire system intrusion Came. SCP4060

The combiner is bidirectional, it can be called from a remote telephone line GSM or PSTN line and once in line with the equipment you can, assisted by a special voice guidance, a series of checks:

• query the central state
• activation and deactivation central
• query status and fuses
• query the event log
• query inputs and inputs temporary exclusion
• query and output activation

All of these operations and the entire management of the plant can be carried out remotely by SMS command by
user, and then the confirmation, by the control unit itself. There are also two interface cards for connecting the plant to the LAN. 001SSIP allows the panel to communicate with a PC connected to the local network or a remote PC connected to the Internet. 001SIFLAN provides on-board web server and allows you to reach the center from a local PC or a remote PC connected to the Internet using a standard Web browser