Keyboard skills FLAT white Came STLCDFB

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Capacitive keyboard "Flat" white, 32-character liquid crystal display with blue backlight, touch panel to a wall and recessed (flush the application requires dell'apposita box art. 001SBOXTF).

1STLCDFB has capacitive touch buttons that simplify the system control panel.
The traditional wall installation, is also allowed the installation flush with the wall due to the thickness of small size which, combined with the design particularly attractive, allows integration into any context of furniture.

The keyboard allows you to access the following features:
• Programming of the central During installation, you can provide the central programming parameters (as opposed to using the programming software SWLINK).
• Operations Control Allows you to arm and disarm the system based on the areas set
• Scenarios

E 'can schedule scenarios, a set of actions to be performed on areas and outputs, and match the various keyboards installed in the system. The scenarios can then be launched on the keyboard of competence. This function, innovative design, greatly facilitates user operations as can manage the system by simply selecting the desired scenario (eg SCENARIO "NIGHT" added living area, perimeter area and outdoor area) without having to select the time insertion areas to be activated.