Monochrome touch screen 5.5" Came Hey Touch recessed

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Interactive LCD, Touch Screen 5.5 "Monochrome blue, resolution 320 x 240 px, for the management of the alarm and Management of Technological and home automation system.
RS232 serial interface for connecting the touch screen to the central art. 002SCP4020, and 002SCP4060
002SCP8192. To be completed with a choice of frame and back box. Complete with software programming. COD STS550M

The touch screen terminal allows the supervision and control of the system intrusion. Place in a home automation system one or more touch screen terminals 002STS550M means having the set of features described below and in a visual way to manage the installed system.

Virtual keyboard
The terminal monochrome 002STS550M allows the control of the central (or 002SCP4060 002SCP8192) via a virtual keyboard that allows the insertion, the system is disarmed and the launch of scenarios set accordingly.

Graphical maps
The terminal allows visual management del'impianto can be programmed so that the main overs the general plan of the house. Selecting one of the environments will appear, in the form of icons sensitive, the detectors installed on the ground to protect the selected locale. In case of alarm, the detector will be highlighted where the alarm is coming from.


  • Stand-alone operation without PC or expensive cards SBC (Single Board Computer)
  • industrial characteristics
  • high strength
  • no moving parts (no need for Hard Disk)
  • no heating
  • no noise (no need for noisy cooling fan)
  • Long life lamp backlit cold cathode (CCL)
  • small size (measuring just 40 mm deep)
  • Flash Technology
  • Fully configurable
  • Easily customizable
  • It does not require special software
  • Ready to use
  • Full compatibility with systems Intrusion Alarm AL series
  • Fully compatible with our system and AUTOMATION AUTOMATION
  • Applications Suitable for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Banking
  • Low Cost
  • Set of 32 Maps Customizable Graphics
  • 120x90 mm Active Area
  • 320x240 pixel resolution
  • Power supply 24Vdc 0.8A