Wireless home automation actuator for controlling lights Combivox 62.116

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Wireless home automation actuator for controlling lights Combivox Mod. 62.116
home automation actuator via radio on 868 MHz band for two-way central line 2012 Amica (Amica 324, 128 and Amica Amica 64). It allows management (on / off) of light with the real state of the load by the device and displayed on the control center (keypads on BUS and via the web).
It is feeding from 230 V AC mains supply - 50 Hz and is equipped with 2 outputs that connect to 2 lights (max 1KW absorption) and 6 inputs managed by the device (light1 switch, light 2 switch, light1 button, button and light 2 of 2 step by step). The inputs are low voltage, decoupled from the power mains and the NO.
The command management can be performed by Simplya / LCD keypad and via the web (with the Amicaweb) option from any device (PC, Smartphone and Tablet).

Radio part (AR2-868 version only):
  • Working frequencies: 3 channels in the 868 MHz band
  • Type of modulation: FSK
  • max TX power (EIRP): 10 dBm
  • RF sensitivity: -112 dBm