Central alarm MP110M Elkron 8 zones with metal

VAT-inclusive price

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MP110M cod. 80MP5A00211
Metal box and power supply from 2.8 A
Central row for medium size with 8 inputs
expandable to 56
Ideal for medium size, the MP110 system features 8 alarm inputs in the basic version and reach up to 56 with optional expansion modules and using the alarm inputs on each and every keyboard key inserter. You can choke the system in three areas. MP110 is manageable through remote keypads and / or electronic keys connected on a serial line. Alarms can be sent over a telephone line with the main communication protocols via messages customizable thanks to the voice synthesis card optional. The system can be programmed directly with a PC via a USB connection and is also loadable remotely via modem.
MP110M COD. 80MP5A00211


  • The plant is equipped with 8 inputs + 1 + 1 input 24h mechanical key input. Expandable up to a maximum of 56 inputs + 5 + 4 AUX inputs 24h
  • 5 programmable alarm outputs: 4 open collector electric outputs and 1 relay output with free exchange
  • The throttle input in three areas.
  • Ability to manage up to 4 readers, 4 keyboards and 4 input / output expansions through dedicated serial line (4-wire).
  • 8 additional inputs alarm + 1 tamper input + 1 auxiliary input in each input expansion (EP100). Each expansion also has 4 open collector electric outputs.
  • 2 additional inputs for alarm in every reader and remote keyboard.
  • Programmable inputs as THEFT (instant, delayed, last output, GONG), technological, fire, silent panic, panic with sirens.
  • Commissioning and off via a remote keypad with LCD display (with display messages in plain text), remote keypad LED, integrated electronic key, mechanical key.
  • Reporting: general alarm, fault, network presence, low battery,
  • system status, tamper alarm, open inputs, except inputs
  • The signals are provided via LED and / or display.
  • Availability of 8 access codes: master, installer, telesorvegliatore, users 2, 5, 6, 7, 8.
  • Up to 64 events can be stored in memory EEPROM (non-volatile).
  • Alarm transmission in central intregrata (version MP110TG) communicator with 6-23-digit telephone numbers.
  • Multiprotocol digital transmission.
  • Voice transmission optional (with module SV108 + KV100) with 14 messages (1 base + 13 for alarms)
  • Programmable with LED keypad KP100 with keypad KP100D.
  • Programmable with local / remote PC and Fast Link software.
  • Programmable functions of block insertion in the presence of inputs open
  • inputs and self-exclusion.
  • Guaranteed performance level I ° (CN lines to positive), II (with lines balanced or double balanced).
  • Length max. serial-peripheral station: 500 meters (cable section. 2x0.75 Power + 2 x 0.22 x data).
  • Protection degree: IP30 / IK 02
  • Battery compartment (plastic container): 6 Ah 12 Vdc
  • Power Supply: 1.5 A
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 345 x 240 x 79 mm