Central alarm MP500/8 Elkron communicator with 8 zones exp

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The new MP500 system is the ideal solution for intrusion detection systems in different fields.
It is easily scalable to meet domestic needs, business or industrial; It can be handled by mobile devices Internet access (Smartphone, Tablet), can be integrated with video surveillance cameras and home automation systems in standard Konnex.
The modularity of the system allows you to use the same peripheral devices (readers, keyboards, interfaces, expansions, etc.). of all middle range.
All plants have the same communication protocol, are installed with the same mode and are controlled from a distance through
Central MP500/8 - Mod. 80MP4L00111
New Central Elkorn MP500 / 8 Central BUS 8 zone expandable to 64 with PSTN integrated telephone dialing. 8 sectors for part set, PC programming locally (USB) and remote (modem).
Video function. Accessible via the Internet. Integrated power supply 1.5A. EN50131 grade 2.

Technical Features
  • 8 programmable inputs + 1 input dedicated tamper 24H, basic; expandable up to 64 (rows / radio)
  • 6 programmable outputs (2 relays + 4 OC), basic; expandable up to 27
  • Part set up to 8 sectors
  • Management of 32 user codes (4 to 6 digits) and 32 keys (electronic DK30 or proximity DK50)
  • Historical events 1000
  • Weekly time programmer, 8 daily commands
  • 1 field bus for the connection of: max. 8 keyboards display, max. 7 expansions, max. 16 key readers
  • Direct connection for service keypad
  • Telephone transmission of 12 telephone numbers via numeric protocols and / or modem
  • Voice synthesis interface: factory recorded messages for each input / partition / event
  • , sound BUS for voice functions and ambient listening through keypad (KP500DV / N).
  • Voice guidance to assist in DTMF commands remotely.
  • Interface with GSM antenna can be placed inside the central
  • The nterfaccia Ethernet for control panel connection with LAN or ADSL modem
  • (12 static IP addresses)
  • The user application and a web interface for managing video (up to 8 IP cameras) and intrusion
  • remote from mobile devices (OC, tablet, smartphone)
  • Wireless interface for the management of the hybrid system
  • USB interface for connection to a PC for local programming
  • USB interface (standard type) for rescue and recovery programming system
  • KNX interface for interactions with home automation system Konnex®
  • HI CONNECT software application for programming and remote management
  • Accumulator housed: 12 Vdc 7 Ah
  • Switching Power Supply: 1.5 A
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 238 x 340 x 90 mm
  • Certification EN50131 grade 3