Interface Web MP500 Elkron IT500WEB

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The interface IT500WEB is an optional function with integrated web server to connect the MP500 control panels to the LAN through an ADSL modem router.
Allows the user, from any device with a web browser access (PC, tablet, smartphone) to access safe mode a series of dell'antintrusione typical functions, such as entering ON / OFF, input configuration / sectors,
exclusions and various parameter settings.
Supports up to 8 IP cameras can be freely associated to one or more inputs of the plant. Images taken by the cameras can be viewed and managed remotely via mobile devices, such as PC, smartphone or tablet, simply by connecting to and registering the portal
Allows the installer, with access from a PC web browser, and application SW Hi Connect (vers. 3:50 onwards), to remotely control the power of the MP500 series.
IT500WEB Elkron Mod. 80IT2710111