Central alarm Elkron MP508TG communicatore 8 zones

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Control panel expandable (up to 64 inputs) with built-in telephone communicator loadable remotely via the Internet, remote video verification, notification following video of alarms
Immediate use of the system to acquire the devices do not need to set the addresses by dip switch, but it is enough to press their programming button and the panel will send the address assigned to the device and parameters
factory configuration.
Keyboard service: You can connect a keyboard to the central service temporarily for programming or maintenance, through a dedicated connector. The keyboard of service can be disconnected from the plant after installation without having to reprogram the unit.
Extensive programmability inputs: ability to configure each input type (seven) and specialization (twenty). Each input of central, keyboard, expansion, reader, can handle inertial sensors and sensors MMZ01 Elkron VSD3 and shutter Elkron MF01 and MF02.
Alarms advanced technology: in response to an event "technology", such as the flooding of a room, the system can control specific implementations (in the case, the electromagnetic valve of the water) and send the corresponding alarms. To cope with different situations, the system has three types of management expenses.
Distress call: the system is capable of generating, through a dedicated input, a telephone call with a voice message of request for help. If there is a vocal keyboard KP500DV you can establish a voice communication with the person who raised the alarm.
Door opener: it is possible to control an electric output through specialized "door open". In this way you can restrict access to certain areas only to authorized personnel. Date, time and user who commanded the opening are recorded at the station.
Control dial at no cost: the plant is able to recognize the GSM phone number. So, for example, you can open the gate of the driveway, calling the car the central with the phone and closing the communication after the first 3-4 rings, without the need to enter the code.
Video Capability: through a video gateway (optional) connected to the control panel, you can control the images of four analog cameras to a more freely assignable inputs of the system. The images captured by the cameras can be viewed remotely or recorded on the HD to a PC connected locally (on command or after an alarm).
Remote viewing is done in the following ways:
Send by e-mail on mobile / handheld image area affected by the alarm
Following an alarm, the system is able to send e-mail with attached images that have been stored before, during and after the event that generated the alarm. In this way you can see for example the moments leading up to the event, useful function if the event did not have a long enough recognition of intruders.
The connection is supported by a completely free service that allows ELKRON management videogateway through a dynamic IP. In this way the cost of a contract with a public telephone operator will be more content (ADSL FLAT). In any case, you can manage a static IP.
Note: Recording of HD local PC is an alternative to sending e-mail, remote access ethernet card required.
Automatic functions: through a time switch integrated in the control unit, you can set up weekly
a series of automatic controls. These commands that can be of two types, ON or OFF, it can dedicate for example, to a system of irrigation of the garden rather than to a boiler for heating. In addition to the above functions, we can define the service, you can also automatically manage the activation and deactivation of the alarm system, or establish time frames within which a specific code or key is not enabled.
For example over the holiday period the key code of the person or service is disabled.
Remote management via LAN / WAN (optional)
- Connection speed 115200 baud
- Ability to insert static IP addresses for sending alarms
- Ability to schedule the sending of alarms
- Management reporting faults (can not connect), with storage on the historic event
the central
Data transport system: the installer you can set up PC by programming the control panel, save it on a USB stick and then go to the client (with the key) to update the software of the control unit. (Optional USB adapter).
You can use the key for other useful functions:
- Make changes of programming by the customer using the keyboard, save to memory stick and then update the data in the
of Hi-Connect
- If the key is stored on the previous program you can replace the center by the customer without having to reconfigure the system
- In case you need to create two systems using the same keys and / or user codes, you can use the key to duplicate key codes and / or user codes
- For added security, you can use the key as BACKUP for configuration and for the codes.
MP508TG COD. 80MP4K00211


  • 8 inputs + 1 dedicated input tampering 24H, basic, expandable up to 64
  • 6 programmable outputs (2 relays + 4 OC), the basic expandable up to 27
  • Part set up to 8 areas
  • Management of 32 user codes (4 to 6 digits) and 32 keys (electronic or proximity DK30 DK50)
  • Historical events 1000
  • Day time, 8 daily commands
  • 1 Field bus for connecting: max. 8 keypads display, max. 7 expansion, max. 16 readers key
  • Direct connection for service keypad
  • Telephone transmission of 12 n. telephone, through numeric protocols and / or modem
  • Speech Interface: Factory recorded messages for each input / sector / system event, BUS engineer functions for voice and listen-in via the keyboard (KP500DV). Voice guidance for using DTMF commands from a distance.
  • Interface GSM antenna can be placed inside the control panel
  • Ethernet interface for connection to the central LAN or ADSL modem (12 static IP addresses)
  • Interface Videogateway 4T (up to 4 cameras) for connection on LAN
  • or ADSL modem
  • USB interface for connection to a PC for local programming
  • USB interface (standard type) for rescue and recovery programming system
  • HI CONNECT software application programming and remote control (compatible with Windows Vista ®, Windows 7 ®)
  • Rhos compliant
  • Accumulator housed: 12 Vdc 7 Ah
  • Switching power supply: 1.5 A
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 238 x 340 x 90 mm