Hybrid wireless interface bus ER500 Wireless Expansion

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Expansion hybrid two-way radio on the bus.

The new interface is an expansion of the spin systems for MP500 devices wireless. It is able to manage a maximum configuration of 16 sensors, 4 remotes and 2 sirens, through a two-way radio communication to 868.35 MHz
Through a 4-wire bus can be connected directly to MP508TG, allowing this a mixed management of wired and wireless devices. And 'possible to buy the container expansion with micro protection of open mod. MP4J00111
the devices that interface allows you to manage are:
  • RC500 cod. 80TX3900113 Remote
  • DC500 cod. 80MM0500113 magnetic contact white
  • DC500-BR cod. 80MM8800113 magnetic contact brown
  • IR500 cod. 801R3000113 Passive infrared detector
  • IS500 cod. 80HP2A00113 Indoor siren
  • HP500 cod. 80HP3A00113 outdoor siren
Compatible wireless products are the same as in the section "HYBRID MR16"
ER500 COD. 80WL5010111


  • Operating voltage of the expansion: 9 V - 15 V
  • Nominal current consumption at 12VDC: 35 mA
  • Power consumption max. peak current: 45 mA
  • Length max. overall expansion radio serial Bus Central: 400 m
  • Type of interview: serial protocol Elkron
  • Communication Technology: Radio Frequency bi-directional
  • Radio communication mode: FSK
  • Frequency: 868.35 MHz
  • Radio range:> 100 m in free air
  • Temperature range stated: -5 ° C to +40 ° C
  • Operating Relative Humidity: 95% at +40 ° C
the devices are the same as those used with the universal interface MR16
The technical characteristics of the wireless devices are given in Section
"Two-way radio interface MR16"