Microwave barrier for outdoor 120mt MWA120RT

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It is an active barrier to microwave with a capacity of 60 m, designed for protection of internal and external surfaces. The system is composed by two units and equipment are built with solid-state devices and finished with resin tropicalizzante to ensure good resistance to the elements.

Lobo protection
The shape of the radiation field is very well defined, and this allows a higher probability of detection. The transmitter consists of a planar microwave which emits a narrow beam and low power steering highly stable.
Selectable Channels
The transmitter and receiver can be tuned in frequency by means of dip switches that allow you to encode five different channels. In this way you avoid interference in the case of contemporary installations more pairs of barriers.
Selective filter
Each receiver is equipped with a special filter that selectively chooses only the frequency of its channel and discards everything else
Automatic compensation
In the receiver has been provided special circuits of autoregulation and signal processing that automatically compensate for changes in environmental conditions.
Report disqualification
The receiver has an output that is activated in the event of insufficient signal. The aim is to prevent and report misalignment caused the system is off or intervening obstacles in the beam action of the barriers.


Capacity 120mt
Rated supply voltage: 12V-
Operating voltage min. / Max: 11.5 to 15 V-
Stand-by consumption: 31 mA TX / RX 70 mA
Alarm current: 31 mA TX / RX 70 mA
Transmission frequency: 10.525 GHz (+ / - 20 MHz)
Block relay alarm signal on dedicated input
Alarm relay: NC 500 mA 12 V-
Tamper Protection: Tamper microswitch
(available antidisorientamento KIT)
Report disqualification: electrical output
Modulation: 5 selectable channels
Radiated power: 25 mW peak
Operating temperature (heating kit opt.)
-25 ° C to +55 ° C
Degree of Protection: IP34
Dimensions (l x h x d): 177.5 x 228 x 134 mm