Dual technology motion detector Pet immunity and Antimasking DT17

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1087 Raccolta Punti

Detector for outdoor dual technology, Pet immunity and Antimasking.
The detector is suitable for the application from outside, is equipped with Antimasking and function PET immunity.
The DT17 has a logic of advanced detection based on analysis of the sequence of activation of the motion sensor microwave and infrared sensors independent of the two which it is composed.
DT17 Elkron Cod. 80IM3800113

Technical Features
  • Flow detection: the microwave range is adjustable from 0 to 15 meters and the reach of the PIR sensor is set at 10 meters.
  • Volumetric coverage range: 90 ° (78 zones - 5 layers of detection)
  • Pet immunity: <10kg
  • Triple detection logic: 1 MW + 2PIR independent
  • Anti-masking technology (anti-spray)
  • Technology obstacle detection (blocking)
  • Alarm outputs: two outputs, a NC and a NA separate
  • EOL resistors integrated
  • Tamper Alarm
  • masking Fault
  • Form microwave frequencies: 9.9 GHz
  • Walk test buzzer integrated
  • Digital temperature compensation
  • Filter anti swing
  • Protection from sunlight
  • UV-intensive
  • polycarbonate Case
  • optics sealed
  • Protection of the electronic card
  • Supply and consumption 24mA @ 13.8VDC