Central conventional 2 zone fire C/402

VAT-inclusive price

1740 Raccolta Punti

Fire detection control panels C402 and C404 control up to two and four independent zone, respectively, with 32 devices per zone as a maximum. Each line is considered as a zone and can be either armed or disarmed via a command from keypad.
Control panel has two outputs: one general failure siren output armed when a failure condition occurs either in control panel or on a zone. General alarm siren output can be either armed or disarmed via keypad. Other outputs, are available on an optional relay board.
It is possibile, for each single zone independently, to decide whether alarm signalling is to be obtaines with one alarmed device only (single approval) or with at least two alarmed devices (double approval). This allows to limit false alarm likelihood. 
Mod. SC8000121

Technical Features
  • Power supply: 26.4 VDC
  • Balanced lines with double threshold;
  • Absorption in early warning (single consent): 20mA;
  • Alarm absorption (double check): 40mA;
  • Supervised siren output: 24VDC @ 500mA;
  • Output field: 24Vdc @ 500mA;
  • Outputs fault relay: 24VDC @ 1;
  • Protection on electrical outputs;
  • Non-volatile memory;
  • Control battery charge as a function of ambient temperature;
  • Limitation of battery charge;
  • Keyboard Programming;
  • Exclusion of individual lines;
  • Zone signaling: LED;
  • Housing accumulators: 2 7Ah - 12Vdc
  • Operating temperature range: -5 ° C to + 50 ° C;
  • Dimensions: 340 (L) x 240 (H) x 96 (D) mm;
  • Certificate EN54 part 2