Central conventional single zone fire C/302

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1273 Raccolta Punti

Single zone control unit microprocessor in polycarbonate, suitable for the control of fire doors.

Internally it provided an optical smoke detector and a temperature sensor with a threshold of intervention of 60 ° C.

E 'can handle up to 15 conventional detectors (optical or thermal) or 2 gas detectors (BPG / 213 model) on a conventional line set to single permission.

Output for electromagnets, which can support up to 6 ELKRON electromagnets - SIRA.

Supply voltage: 230 Vac 50 Hz

Output voltage: 24 Vdc
Maximum current: 300 mA
Smoke detector: Optical with Tyndall effect
Heat detector: Heat probe calibrated at 60 ° C
Optical alarm: # 1 red LED # 1 lamp 24V 2W
Audible alarm: Buzzer
Operating temperature: -10 ° C + 50 ° C
Alarm relay output:-1A @ 30 Vdc
Degree of protection: IP 32
Dimensions (HxWxD): -71x283x113mm
Weight (without batteries): 700g
COD: SC6000121

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