Passive infrared detector function with PET immunity IRP500

VAT-inclusive price

992 Raccolta Punti

New Wireless infrared detector, Pet Immunity up to 27 kg, bidirectional ELKRON IRP500
Power: 1 AA lithium battery (up to 2 years); wireless range:over 100m in open space; wall/corner mounting. compatible with MR16 Hibryd  Interface  &  ER500  Wireless  Extension  
Cod. IRP500 (80IR5C00113)

- Power supply: 1 AA lithium battery (included)
- Battery life: up to 2 years under normal conditions
- Frequency: 868.6375 MHz Bidirectional
- Supervision at intervals Irregulars
- Managing low battery
- Capacity: over 100 m in open space
- Range: 11 m installed at 2.2 m above the ground
- Discrimination animals, up to 27Kg
- Automatic compensation for temperature
- Protection of white light
- Installation in wall / corner
- Joint provided