Kit MP500/8 + KP500D/N + SV500N Elkron - 80KT1N00111

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Kit consists of:
1 Central MP500/8 - Central alarm 8 hybrid zones expandable to 64, with integrated PSTN communicator telefocnico.
1 Remote keyboard KP500D/N - Remote keyboard with alphanumeric LCD display 2 lines x 16 characters.
Card-synthése vocale SV500N - Card-synthése vocale with pre-recorded messages (inputs / areas / events).
KIT MP500 / 8 Mod. 80KT1N00111
Central MP500 / 8 - Mod. 80MP4L00111
MP500 / 8 is the new central row Elkron, 8 expandable to 64 inputs and 6 outputs, expandable to 27, which activates and maintains alarm functions, video surveillance and home automation. With the central MP500 / 8 you can control installations via web (wireless or wired). With the Hi-Connect software you can configure the connection mode of the power plant to the Internet through access available at the installation site and operate all features of remote even to the end customer.
  • Display system status
  • Operation PSTN
  • GSM field present
  • Deadline SIM
  • Activation / deactivation / Partialization Plant
  • Display history (filter for events and for the period)
  • Enable / Disable and technical users
  • Enable / Disable Keys
  • Enable / Disable Remote Access
  • Change of phone numbers and SMS / association event
The interface of the control system via the Internet enables the switching of the outputs of the central tele-switchable. The connection can be served by KNX interface, available as an accessory. This integration allows for example, in case of alarm, of:
  • Control actuators and blocks-doors
  • Turn on the lights inside or outside
E 'can use the MP500 system to have the capability of video surveillance by connecting the system to the burglar alarm system. In this way we can obtain:
  • Display up to 8 cameras (4 + 4) at 1 fps
  • Sending email with attachments photo
  • History display frame associated with the intrusion alarm
Remote Keyboard KP500D / N - Mod. 80KP7100111
Remote keyboard with alphanumeric LCD display 2 lines x 16 characters.
Backlight, contrast and buzzer, adjustable. 3 keys command alarm, two alarm inputs.
Only compatible with central Elkron MP500 / 4 - MP500 / 8 - MP500 / 16
Card-synthése vocale SV500N - Mod. 80CT6610111
Voice synthesis card connected to the central of special connector. (Headphones included)
Factory recorded messages for each input / partition / event system
Sound BUS for voice functions and ambient listening through keypad (KP500DV)
Voice guidance will help with DTMF commands remotely