Central alarm wireless Elkron WL31TG speech

VAT-inclusive price

3664 Raccolta Punti

Wireless control panel with two-way transmission. Communicator module built-in PSTN, numerical and speech synthesis. Separately manages events of theft, fire, technology, rescue.


  • Up to 4 areas can be associated with freely programmable inputs / outputs
  • Up to 18 access codes from up to 6 digits each
  • Historical memory with capacities up to 500 events
  • Scheduler
  • Auto-sequential acquisition of peripheral devices
  • Auto-configuration of the system
  • Communicators optional modules (GSM and PSTN) through Ext which allows: remote management system remotely using the software application Elkron, sending alarms in several ways: voice, numeric protocols, Modem, SMS messages
  • Integrated 21-key keypad with LCD display (2 x 16 alphanumeric characters). Both the keyboard and the display are backlit. Possibility of "appointment in the clear" of inputs, outputs, fields, codes and remote controls
  • Inputs and outputs rows: 2 programmable relay outputs, 2 programmable wired inputs
  • Port I / O port for connection to a local PC, can be equipped with: serial module RS232, USB serial module "slave"
  • Connection for "memory card" option, to allow the backup of the system data on removable media
  • Internal sounder high intensity sound
  • -Tamper protection against opening
  • Powered by a pair of batteries (included) lithium chloride thionile 3.6-V high-capacity
  • Optional auxiliary power supply (PS30)
  • Radio range: up to 500 m in free air
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 345x240x79 mm