Remote control for WL31 5 keys TX31WL / 5 Elkron

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961 Raccolta Punti

5-button remote control fully programmable.

5-button remote control with its two-color LEDs, fully controlled by microprocessors.
All functions associated with the buttons (up to 2 per key) and LEDs are programmable from the central WL31. Each key can also be customized with colored labels, to make easy and intuitive choice of the associated command, and bi-color LEDs provide visual feedback to direct commands. The acquisition by the plant is done with default parameters.
The radio range of the remote is 150 meters in open air and radio communications with the central WL31 use the "Reply Technology ®". The power supply is provided by a battery 3V lithium, long-life, user-replaceable.
TX31WL / 5 COD. 80TX3500211