Wireless magnetic contact MM30WL-BR brown Elkron WL31

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919 Raccolta Punti

Wireless magnetic contact detector bidirectional fully managed microprocessor.

MM30WL-BR COD. 80MM6800211


  • LED for alarm and test
  • 2 inputs for external auxiliary detectors, individually addressed and programmed from the central detector for roller shutters, inertial detector, general alarm contact
  • Protection against opening and removal
  • Magnet holder intelligent ability to place the magnet in 3 different levels to compensate for any unevenness between the doors of the fixture
  • Transmission range: up to 300 bidirectional m in free air
  • Powered by a lithium battery (included) 3-volt long-life
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 120 x 30 x 27 mm