Wireless optical smoke detector FO31WL for ELKRON WL31

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Optical smoke detector, two-way radio communication, conforming to EN14604

(Smoke alarm)
Is used both in domestic and industrial (shops, offices, etc..), Due to its flexibility of operation: self-reporting by optical-acoustic edge detector; WL31 integrated into the system to take advantage of all the benefits of wireless communication Reply Technology ®. Fully controlled by microprocessors.


FO31WL COD.80SD4000121


  • Radio range: two-way 250 m in free air
  • Detection coverage: 40 square meters
  • LED signals: alarm, fault and "being alive"
  • Reset button and alarm device TEST
  • Buzzer built-in high power (85 dB (A) @ 3m)
  • Self-adjustment of the threshold of smoke in order to avoid false alarms
  • Levels of smoke sensitivity and immunity to dust adjustable
  • Power supply 2 batteries Lithium / Manganese Dioxide CR123A 3V long-term
  • (Standard included) - Formats: CR17345 (IEC), 5018LC (ANSI)
  • Dimensions: Ø136, h 68 mm