Access control module with 1,5A Power supply and metal case

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Access control module with 1,5A Power supply and metal case "Smart Access module" Cod W73847

  • Like the previous model but with integrated power supply
  • Control 1 single door
  • Door contact input relay
  • 1.5A switching power supply with full diagnosis
  • Space for battery backup 7 A / h
  • Up to 32 modules PX500
  • Anti-passback in container Metal (Size 300x310x80mm)
  • Support of readers HID format, Verex, Paxton, Mag-Stripe
  • Up to 1000 Utent
  • Up to 1000 Events

Features and Benefits
Connector XiB
Connection with the communication bus of the central
XiB Connector for Technical
It provides the possibility to connect to the Technician "on the fly" with a keyboard technician for programming and diagnostics
ISP connector
It allows the technician to update directly on the operating system (firmware) of the module, reducing downtime without compromising the safety of the
Dil Switch
Used for the addressing of the module and disable tamper
Led Bus XiB (GREEN)
Indicates the status of communication with the bus XiB
Access events
1000 events in memory (in addition to the Security Event Log)
Number of Users
PX18-34 = 100 users; PX80/500 = 1000 Users
RTE input
Button input NA release access optional
Input State Access
Input sensor for monitoring the status Access optional
Reader Auxiliary Output
Input for optional auxiliary output reader