Diagnostic concentrator with 8 inputs and 4 output W74480

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Diagnostic concentrator 8 Input
  • 8 inputs full diagnostic capability
  • Alarm/Tamper/Fault conditions
  • 4 High current outputs
  • Plug on engineer keypad facility
  • Double/triple end of line capability
  • Compliant with Grade 3, Class II
  • ABs housing with good wiring space

Features and Benefits concentrator Cod. W74480
8 inputs with NC or EOL diagnostic
Inputs programmabilii as NC or EOL equipped with diagnostic status and connection
4 Outputs
Allows you to control 4 programmable outputs high current
Disabling tampering
For installation in different containers or to ease installation time
2 outputs AUX power independent
Used to power the field, protected by fuse
Bus connector XiB
Connection to the bus of the control panel
XiB Connector for Technical
It provides the possibility to connect to the Technician "on the fly" with a keyboard technician for programming and diagnostics
Smart connector PSU Monitor
Carry diagnostic information from the feeder to the center.
DIL Switch 6-way
Used for addressing (max 64)
ISP connector
It allows the technician to update directly on the operating system (firmware) of the device, reducing downtime without compromising the safety of the
LED Notifications XiB
Indicates the connection status of the Bus XiB
It allows the technician to see the keyboard or software communication status, the tension, the condition of each input of the concentrator. In addition shows the data supplied from the external power
Each input and output is protected against overvoltage


Concentrator 8 Input Power:
Min 10.5V - 13.5V Normal - Max 15V
Flow fusibil:
8 Inputs:
Programmable as NC or EOL (EOL values ​​programmable)
Max output current:
250 mA x 4
Operating temperature:
-10 To +55 ° C