2x16 characters LCD Keypad with proximity reader W76250

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Guardall offers the following keypads to satisfy every requirement. All meet the EN Grade 3, Class II standard:

Keypad with CCTS & Proximity
  • 32 character backlit display
  • Single programmable output
  • Two End-Of-Line (EOL) diagnostic circuits Integrated proximity reader to enable the use of proximity fobs/cards
Features and Benefits
32 character backlit display
Allows keypad to be operated in low light areas or complete darkness
16 button backlit keymat
Allows operation of the keypad in complete darkness or low light areas
Internal Buzzer
Audible indication of key presses, alarms, tampers etc
Optional Integral Prox Reader
Allows the adding of tokens for logging on, arming/disarming and access function
XiB interface
Allows the keypad to communicate with the main control panel which allows the system to display system wide diagnostics and information for all peripherals
Optional Output
Allows control of third party switched peripherals
Additional Reader input
Allows the connection of a proximity reader or other third party reader to increase the systems flexibility
Key flap
Protects the keys from damage dirt and accidental key presses
Connects to any PX or QX
Allows it to be used system wide on any Guardall panel
2 EOL circuit inputs
Allows the monitoring of two additional contacts or sensors without the need for an additional concentrator. Allows neater/shorter cabling making the system more installation friendly and flexible



Power Supply:
Standard 0.38W
Prox 1.08W
Min 10.5V – Normal 13.5V – Max 15V
Keypad (standard) 28mA Keypad (Prox) 80mA
10mA Max
External Reader Input:
Supports Wiegand and/ CLK-Data 3rd party readers
158 x 90 x 30mm