868MHz multiple frequency radio receiver Mod. Radio Inovonics

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868MHz multiple frequency radio receiver "Inovonics Wireless Mod" Cod W76067
  • Allows you to expand your system with up to 128 wireless sensors
  • Inovonics, a leading manufacturer of wireless equipment
  • Free air delivery is 1 Km
  • Ideal for commercial and industrial installations
  • Seamless integration with the central
  • Simple programming
  • More radio modules can be connected to the system to expand the coverage area
  • Echostream transmission technology to provide reliability and safety

Features and Benefits
Connector XiB
Connection with the communication bus of the central
XiB Connector for Technical
It provides the possibility to connect to the Technician "on the fly" with a keyboard technician for programming and diagnostics
ISP connector
It allows the technician to update directly on the operating system (firmware) of the module, reducing downtime without compromising the safety of the
Dil Switch
Used for the module address
Protection Tamper and Snatch
Presence of both protections with links to disalbilitarle
Led Bus XiB (GREEN)
Indicates the status of communication with the bus XiB


Power supply:
Normal - 0.88W
Min 10.5V - 13.5V Normal
- Max 15V
Operating Frequency:
868 (868.95)
209 x 125.5 x 54 mm