Wireless sensor infrared dual quad PQ EX30 R250

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Wireless sensor infrared dual quad tilt internally PQ EX30 R250. Volumetric flow rate 30m - 100m radio range.

  • Volumetric Detector Dual Infrared Via Radio
  • Two models of the same features and different radio range: EX30 R250 PQ: range of 100 meters - EX30 R500 PQ: capacity of 150 meters
  • Universal radio receiver with relay outputs, expandable to 4 channels
  • up to 16 channels with expansion cards
  • Programming of flow rate between 10 and 30 meters
  • Selectable Pulse Count
  • High immunity to sunlight
  • Equipped with pleasing aesthetics with modern design
  • Exceptional cover pan and tilt adjustment of the joint electronic module inside
  • Adjust up to 180 ° horizontally and 90 ° vertically. Maximum height of installation of 6 meters.
  • Container zinc alloy to ensure a high robustness, degree of protection IP55

Transmission Range
100 o 150 meters (line of sight)
Transmission codes
Capacity of the Beam
Programmable up to 30m
Detection angle 10 ° - 70 °, maximum 30m x 30m
180 ° pan + 90 ° inclination
Mounting Height
Variable up to 6m - optimum 3m
Fresnel lens
28 zones for each pair Piro
Custom Optics
The dual dials silicone sheathed element eliminates 50,000 lux of white light
Power Input
3 AA batteries or optional power supply 12 - 24Vac/dc
Pulse Count
Walk Test
Test output for instrument indicator of the intensity
Operating Temperature
from -20 ° C up to + 55 ° C
Protected electronics for better stability
Temperature Compensation
Digital adjustment of sensitivity
Options adjustable timer
from 2 to 60 seconds
Light sensitivity adjustable
Dusk (2 Lux) up to 24 hours
Zinc Alloy
Index Minimum IP 55
145 x 120 x 145 mm (excluding antenna)
NET 1310g, 1400g GROSS