Dual Technology Sensor Mirror Grade 2 range 15m DTX15

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DTX is the first of a new series of superior dual-technology detectors from Guardall.
The well-proven PIR technology from the M2 detector has been enhanced by high quality mirror optics. It has then been combined with a highly effective, low power, X-band microwave source and unique dual technology processing algorithms.
The result is an advanced detector giving precise coverage of the protected area along with an impressive detection capability and an exceptional immunity to false alarm sources.
End-User Benefits
Operators of buildings that are open to the public are often concerned that detectors will be disabled, allowing free access to intruders overnight. DTX has an outstanding microwave anti-mask technology that gives reliable detection of attempts to blind the unit.
Security is further enhanced by PIR and microwave supervision, which ensures continued coverage in the unlikely event of a technology failure. DTX also includes Guardall’s exciting new Anti-Stealth TechnologyTM designed for use in very high security applications.
Installer Benefits
The DTX design is focused on the needs of installers, with installation being exceptionally fast and straightforward due to the innovative cover design, large wiring space, cable channels and DIL switch feature selection.
The Guardall DTX has an exceptional immunity to false alarm sources and has outstanding catch capability due to Guardall's new enhanced DT processing. The features listed over the page highlight the quality of the detector and its ease of use and installation. 
  • 18m EN Grade 3 Detector. (Cod. W76082I)
  • 15m EN Grade 2 Detector. (Cod. W76084I)
  • Powerful Anti-Mask.
  • Anti-Mask Sensitivity selection.
  • Anti-Stealth TechnologyTM
  • Mirror optics giving precision coverage.
  • Enhanced DT Processing. 

DTX 15m meets the requirements of TS 50131-2-4:2004, Grade 2, Class II and is suitable for use in EN50131-1 / PD6662 grade 2, class II systems.

Power Supply:
12 V (9 V to 16 V dc)
Quiescent (no alarm)     : 7.9mA (Germany)    / 18mA @ 12V
Max: Alarm+ LEDs OFF : 9.8mA (Germany)    / 19mA @ 12V
Max: Alarm+ LEDs ON   : 17.6mA (Germany)  / 21mA @ 12V
Max Ripple:
2V peak to peak @ 12V dc
Temperature range:
-10°C to +55°C (14°F to 130°F)
Microwave power:
0.011 µW/cm2 at 1m (average)
Microwave Frequency:
Microwave range adjustment:
50% to 100% of range via pot adjustment.
Fluorescent Lights:
Microwave channel rejects these to within 2m of an 80 W tube.
PIR coverage adjustment:
+3° to -11° vertically, ±5° corner mounted horizontally
Alarm & Aux (fault) outputs:
Normally closed (NC), voltage free, solid state relay rated at 30 V dc, 50 mA with a max. 26 ohm ON-resistance
Alarm period:
Approximately 3 seconds
Aux period:
Duration of fault or mask condition.
Tamper output:
Normally closed (NC), voltage free, switch contacts rated at 24 V dc, 50 mA
End of line resistors:
8k2 ohm (three switch selectable 8k2's are built-in)
Walk test LEDs:
RED - Unit alarm
GREEN - Microwave channel
YELLOW - PIR channel
Test Input:
Low or open circuit for LED disable, detector supply to activate
Control Input:
Low or open circuit for unset, detector supply to set
Packed weight:
242g approximately.
Dimensions (H x W x D):
152 x 85 x 80mm